Cards keep falling from the house. First we fix intelligence and facts around the policy, now we suggest painting warplanes in UN colors to provoke a leader and give an excuse to invade. Earth to America: It was never about WMDs in the first place!

Olberman gives us a rundown:

(hat tip C&L)

The story from

Story from Guardian Unlimited

Some wingnut pajama types don’t think it’s a big deal, and make a plethora of specious arguments to support such a position. Personally I find it a big deal that the President of the United States would suggest having U.S. military personnel disguised as U.N. personnel in order to get shot at and provide an excuse to illegally invade another country. But that’s just me. The bottom line is that there is ample evidence to suggest that this was a contrived war that had little to do with the security of the United States of America. Period.

PS: The argument that Iraq was violating UN resolutions and we had to invade to enforce them is complete bullshit. Check out a list of UN resolution violators at the time of the impending invasion and ask yourself why it is we have not invaded such countries as yet.

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