PBP has done it and I will follow suit:

Consider this a formal request for a Sherrod Brown/Paul Hackett debate to be covered by Meet The Bloggers (and when I say that, I mean a whole shit-ton of statewide bloggers – hell, I say sell tickets and get MTB in the black with a quickness!).

So I’m asking the campaigns of both Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett to reply to this post and let me know your willingness to do this. I’ll connect you with George and the other MTB admin. types and we’ll set a date. If your campaign is unwilling, please reply with the specific reasoning so we can better understand. MTB already has the Gubernatorial Dem. Debate all set up. The people want to see Hackett vs. Brown.

Let’s do this!

Update 2/4/06 10:00am

Response so far: Hackett campaign – ‘net coordinator asked me to forward the request on to the campaign manager. I have done that. Brown campaign – ‘net coordinator forwarded the request on to Sherrod’s scheduler, who it is said will be in contact with MTB if Sherrod is able to make the event.

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