PBP has done it and I will follow suit:

Consider this a formal request for a Sherrod Brown/Paul Hackett debate to be covered by Meet The Bloggers (and when I say that, I mean a whole shit-ton of statewide bloggers – hell, I say sell tickets and get MTB in the black with a quickness!).

So I’m asking the campaigns of both Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett to reply to this post and let me know your willingness to do this. I’ll connect you with George and the other MTB admin. types and we’ll set a date. If your campaign is unwilling, please reply with the specific reasoning so we can better understand. MTB already has the Gubernatorial Dem. Debate all set up. The people want to see Hackett vs. Brown.

Let’s do this!

Update 2/4/06 10:00am

Response so far: Hackett campaign – ‘net coordinator asked me to forward the request on to the campaign manager. I have done that. Brown campaign – ‘net coordinator forwarded the request on to Sherrod’s scheduler, who it is said will be in contact with MTB if Sherrod is able to make the event.

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  • Way to pick it up and run with it. Can’t wait for the campaign replies.

  • are pigs flying yet?

  • Let’s not dismiss the notion out of hand before giving either campaign a chance to think about it. I am hopeful that with the level & importance of the office, the chance for lots of free media, & the potential fallout of 1 side refusing to debate, both campaigns will jump at the chance to hold a debate.

  • Faminehorse,

    I hope you are right. Eventhough they agree in the majority of things except gun owners rights and immigration, it would still be a very lively debate. Brown is extremely smart and knows the minutia of things but sometimes comes across as a bit “wonkish”. Hackett may not have the knowledge but he will probably say it in a way that only Hackett can say it.

    Instead of being a clash of ideas it would be a clash of styles. If you do have a debate, it should be videotaped so we can see them debate each other. Watching it would be much more exciting.

  • Eric

    Tim, no pigs flying but crickets are beginning to chirp. I did get a response from the Hackett ‘net guy who asked me to forward the request to the campaign guy…awaiting a response from Karl.

  • Eric,

    Are you going to do any liveblogging of the forum event today? I really enjoyed your liveblogging of Hackett’s Meanbean event.

  • here’s how this is going to go. hackett has done MTB already, knows the drill, will be happy to agree. sherrod will wait until March 19 to see how the gubernatorial debate goes, make up some lame excuse about Russo being there, and whine all the way to the primary.

    take that to the bank.

  • I would think that Brown would want to do this debate. Brown is always saying how much knowledge he has about things that you would think he would want to debate Hackett to “show him up”. However, Brown has shown that he is a political coward in various ways so I am not holding my breath.

  • Again, let’s just wait a while before passing judgement. Declaring that Brown will not do the debate & calling him a coward will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I want to see this happen & I am more than willing to gove all sides the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, as Redhorse pointed out in his original post, he suggested a debate, possibly through MTB, or any other venue. I just want to see one happen, whatever the venue. If it’s MTB, great. If it’s in a college auditorium, terrific. If it’s the parking lot of the local Giant Eagle, splendid. If it’s in my garage, even better. Let’s just do all we can to be positive & encourage this thing along.

  • I’ve seen Famine’s garage. Nice place, we can fit about 40 in there, but the acoustics are terrible.

  • BC

    When Connie was asked about this at the DfA Forum, she replied, “Sherrod is not doing that because they are not independent. He’s not meeting with them” She was either very frustrated, very angry, or both.

    Sherrod angrily ducked the same question — asked by the woman who supposedly cussed him out at the ODP Christmas Party. She was very respectful in asking, waited until everyone else had a chance to talk to him, and definitely didn’t cuss.

    On another note, Sherrod’s supporters (a mix of paid staff and College Democrats) waited for Paul Hackett’s speech, then booed, hissed, and harrassed him.

  • Paul Minor

    As a Dem who desperately wants the Dem we choose in May to win in Nov, and one who is interested to see the campaign develop a bit and strongly desires to have two, count’em 2! good, strong Dems out on the trail crisscrossing the vastness of Ohio’s 88, and blasting away at Dewine and the Reepub madness he has been supporting, the continued decline for our state that his ’06 candidacy represents, I would like to respectfully request consideration that we, the rank and file, maybe chill just a bit and let this happen for now for the benefit of our party (and us).

    Please understand however that the political strategy implications of this effort to try and force real debate is one that is very close to my heart as I think it represents a very powerful tool for Dems in many races to utilize to our great advantage when we face the overly-funded swiftboatin? reepubs. In fact, the Dem decision makers blew it with respect to this concept in ’04 by tepidly going against the kingpin of REAL debate ineptitude, the stammering Rove-puppet, George the 2nd. It will be crucial in ’06 for Dems to effectively and persistently challenge their Reepub opponents and that they effectively communicate this throughout their campaigns to the voting public at large in creative and bold ways.

    For now, in February, again, even with the understanding that some of us are passionate now about our chosen candidate, I?d prefer to retain the 2 to one advantage at least for a month or two; let?s make the reepubs work twice as hard and spend twice as much swifboatin coinage for now.

    When the Dem race begins to take shape, we (and the candidates) will know, based on the numbers that develop, when the time to begin to force some separation must commence. In June, yeah, different ballgame. Thee ballgame. It?s on. Hey, go for it with this strategy. Please and thank you. I?ll be your baddest backer. Hey forget, ?Bring It On?, it need?s to be, ?Take it To ?Em?!!! Go DemS!

  • Eric


    How does this differ with the race for Governor in your mind…keeping in mind all 3 Dem candidates have agreed to a MTB debate?

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