…or so says The Hotline’s Blogometer:

How much SOTU live-blogging do you need? There was far more of it than anyone could possibly read — right-leaning Swamp Pundette; Plunderbund; Radioactive Liberty; Stop the ACLU; Don Singleton; Suitably Flip; Gay Patriot; peak oil-focused The Oil Drum; Blogs for Bush; The Matt-Cave; Modern Fabulosity; Macsmind; Drumwaster.

They really need to pay more attention. Thanks to Todd for the heads up!

Update: Got a reply back from them. I guess the semicolons were to separate each blog and only two had descriptions. I’m still not sure why Swamp Pundette would be singled out as right-leaning and I not left. Oh well.

Update 2
: Am I really spending this much time on this? The reason Swamp Pundette was singled out was the author mistakenly labeled it “liberal” a few weeks back and was making up for it by adding that descriptor. Maybe next time I’m mentioned they can add “left-leaning” or maybe even “Delaware Ohio’s only progressive blog”, or possibly “The Great and Wonderful Plunderbund”. Okay, okay. I’ll stop!