From the daily archives: Friday, February 3, 2006

PBP has done it and I will follow suit:

Consider this a formal request for a Sherrod Brown/Paul Hackett debate to be covered by Meet The Bloggers (and when I say that, I mean a whole shit-ton of statewide bloggers – hell, I say sell tickets and get MTB in the black with a quickness!).

So I’m asking the campaigns of both Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett to reply to this post and let me know your willingness to do this. I’ll connect you with George and the other MTB admin. types and we’ll set a date. […]

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Downing Street Memo, Part 2 (video)

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Cards keep falling from the house. First we fix intelligence and facts around the policy, now we suggest painting warplanes in UN colors to provoke a leader and give an excuse to invade. Earth to America: It was never about WMDs in the first place!

Olberman gives us a rundown:

(hat tip C&L)

The story from

Story from Guardian Unlimited

Some wingnut pajama types don’t think it’s a big deal, and make a plethora of specious arguments to support such a position. Personally I find it a big deal that the President […]

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Pat Robertson at it again (video)

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On Hannity and Colmes:

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I love it when wingnuts squirm…and can’t figure out what to say when they are busted. It happens quite a bit. Here’s one (probably best ever!). Here’s another.

Wanna know who the real danger to America and the world at large is? You just were lookin’ at him.

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…or so says The Hotline’s Blogometer:

How much SOTU live-blogging do you need? There was far more of it than anyone could possibly read — right-leaning Swamp Pundette; Plunderbund; Radioactive Liberty; Stop the ACLU; Don Singleton; Suitably Flip; Gay Patriot; peak oil-focused The Oil Drum; Blogs for Bush; The Matt-Cave; Modern Fabulosity; Macsmind; Drumwaster.

They really need to pay more attention. Thanks to Todd for the heads up!

Update: Got a reply back from them. I guess the semicolons were to separate each blog and only two had descriptions. I’m still not sure why Swamp Pundette would be singled […]

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