The NRA gave out it’s Annual Irony Award recently by honoring the officer who shot the guy who shot that rockstar guy at Alrosa:

The National Rifle Association has named Officer James D. Niggemeyer, of the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Police, as its 2005 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Officer Niggemeyer was one of several officers who responded to a violent, chaotic situation on the night of December 8, 2004. A little after 10:00 p.m., 911 operators began receiving multiple panic-stricken calls from a local nightclub. During a concert, a man had rushed the stage and fired shots at the band. In moments, seven people were wounded, four fatally.

An NRA spokesman later said: “Congratulations Officer Niggemeyer on the effective use of your weapon…and to you Nathan Gale for a well placed point blank, well…uh…shit. nevermind…strike that – reverse it”

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