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Ney Skeered?

On January 27, 2006 By

Word is Bob Ney has the jitters and hired some undercover cops from Chillicothe for his announcement today. Had the restaurant staked out since like 9am – LOL. Sounding like there might be some form of a protest complete with bagpipes (those always did remind me of death and hopefully this is the death of a campaign).

I’ll be on the road in a bit to visit family in KY, but when I get an update I’ll let you know…might even have some photos!

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Here’s How You Do It

On January 27, 2006 By

Been meaning to blog about this for some time. Given Jill’s wonderful prod to find productive things to do with the Chris Redfern blog snub, I figured this a good opportunity. This is how you do blogger outreach:

I recently got an email from Cassie Gaffney, the deputy campaign manager for Joe Sulzer who is running against Ney in the 18th District. She starts with:

I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Cassie Gaffney, I’m the deputy campaign manager for Joe Sulzer who is running for Congress in Bob Ney’s district.

Introductions. Always the way to […]

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Redfern’s Dismissal of Blogs

On January 27, 2006 By

Had to comment on this before I hit hay. Jill’s post about her meeting with Chris Redfern got some reaction from a couple of prominent lefty bloggers (OH02 and BSB). Like others have pointed out, Jill’s stuff is always well written and entertaining. There is more there than Redfern’s dismissal but we bloggers like to focus first on getting slapped in the face with the white glove of establishmentality:

If he were in a position akin to that of a media placement advisor for a corporation, but doing so for a politician, what percentage of a budget […]

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Kerry Calls for Alito Filibuster

On January 26, 2006 By

Probably too little too late:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. John Kerry will attempt a filibuster to block the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

“Judge Alito’s confirmation would be an ideological coup on the Supreme Court,” Kerry said in a written statement explaining his support for a filibuster.

“We can’t afford to see the court’s swing vote, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, replaced with a far-right ideologue like Samuel Alito.”

Just got an email from PFAW also. Here’s where you can help:

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Hamas: Whoops!

On January 26, 2006 By

From CNN:

RAMALLAH, West Bank (CNN) — The future of the Middle East entered a new era of uncertainty Thursday, as the militant Palestinian opposition group Hamas snatched power from the ruling old guard and made skeptics of many key players in the peace process.

76-43 seats. This is big. This would be when your little democracy adventure comes back to bite you. Seems to me there are still quite a few pissed off Palestinians. I wonder if our little Iraqi Adventure Tour 2003 had anything to do with such sentiment?

Bush’s reaction was a nice little tapdance […]

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My Birthday Gift From Paul Hackett

On January 26, 2006 By

Thanks Paul. I always wanted a Democrat with a bit of fight in ’em! What a great gift! All wrapped up with nice conviction wrapping paper and tied with a persistence bow! I really appreciate it:

Dear Eric,

Last week the Columbus Dispatch published a column about my candidacy that said, in part, the following:

“Asked to define being pro-gay rights, Hackett said anybody who tries to deny homosexuals the same rights, including marriage, as every other citizen is un-American. Are you saying, he was asked, that the 62 percent of Ohioans who voted in November 2004 […]

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Interesting comment on the Strickland/Fisher post I thought I’d shuffle up to the top via Tim Russo. Since he can’t post, I wanted to be sure his voice was heard on it (knew those NEO folks would chime in):

“This is the biggest mistake Ted Strickland?s campaign has made yet, and may have given Fingerhut a chance to slam dunk this primary if he can convince Peter Lawson Jones to be his running mate.

Of all the alchemy calculations that the Strickland campaign seems to be entirely based upon, the idea that, hey, let?s combat the NE Ohio Jewish […]

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Lee Fisher is Strickland’s Choice

On January 25, 2006 By

From the Dispatch:

U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, the Democratic frontrunner for governor, will announce Thursday that Lee Fisher — former attorney general and gubernatorial candidate himself — will be his running mate.

On the other side of it, word on Blackwell is this:

In a related development, there are indications that Republican gubernatorial candidate J. Kenneth Blackwell may pick state. Rep. Tom Raga of Mason as his running mate.

I’m sure there will be plenty of reaction from the NEO blogosphere as both the rumored sidekick and the chosen one are from the area.

Update: Fingerhut comments (via […]

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Breeze of summer day
A bird is inviting me
In the grass

I hear a winter storm is on the way. It’s in times like these that old haiku comes in really handy…as well as headphones and Bosatsu – I’m listening to it now sitting in the Mean Bean. Good stuff. Bosatsu means “Deity of Compassion”. It’s quite odd how listening to it you can’t help but to be more compassionate. Probably the polar opposite of Slayer.

I tell you that to tell you this: My political posting, though many subjects and themes gnaw at […]

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Hackett on CBS

On January 23, 2006 By

(hat tip BSB)

Paul Hackett on CBS…features quite a bit of stuff about Van Taylor, but a decent piece:

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I wanted to point you all to a movie I saw this weekend that I have been planning on seeing for some time. It is by a friend and local activist here in the Delaware area. Gabrielle is part of 5 Sisters Productions and the movie is “Manna From Heaven”. The story was written by the sisters’ mother and is a very clever and funny tale about a group of people (some family) who get caught up in a windfall of money that literally falls from the sky. The story follows the tale of how one of the characters […]

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