Ugh. This is really boring. Not only that, but the idiot plays into the hands of the Republicans by using the tired ass War on Terror frame. Earth to Tim and company: there IS no war on terror! Damn it. No wonder we lose.

Who the hell picked this guy? He’s parroting Bush and not saying much other than “Hey, we respectfully disagree”…we don’t need Mister Rogers.

Argh…he just said family farms. Ever hear of a ship that has sailed Tim?

Skip the Kaine blather and read the Hackett response. I’d love to hear me some Hackett right about now…

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  • Americain

    Tim Kaine came across as big wet noodle. Dull, uninspiring and lame. He could have ripped Bush a new asshole on a myriad of issues but he was so tepid and “in control” that he came across as an overgrown Boy Scout. Jesus H. Christ, when will this party start to wake up? He made vanilla ice cream look exciting.

  • Paul Minor

    Glad I missed it. Few things get me more restless than watchin the wrongwingers spin there goo so perfectly on corporate media channels. But watchin inept Demheads is one of them. I don’t know who the first genius, so- labled respected Dem strategist was who decided that the way to capture hearts and minds in mainstream middle America was to be mushmouth as to not scare’em away with with actual progressive ideas that they know the reepub spinners will immediatley dub radilcal liberal defeatism and stuff. But that Dem was likely a reepub in Dems clothing, or just an incompetent who sold somethin to somebody and lucked out. Dems are always trying to hide their warts. Reepubs wear theirs like a badge of honor.

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