From the new blog:

Newcomer Raises $465,779.31 in 1st 1/4 of Campaign

Cincinnati, OH – Paul Hackett, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate and Iraq War veteran, announced today that he has raised $465,779.31 from 8,675 individuals during the first quarter of his campaign. Hackett announced his candidacy on October 24, almost a full month into the quarter.

Hackett’s tremendous showing ensures a competitive primary campaign against Sherrod Brown, an entrenched career politician who is expected to announce raising slightly more than Hackett despite serving in public office for more than 30 years.


Total Raised: $465,779.31
Cash on Hand: $229,783.67
Contributors: 8,675
Average Contribution: $51.00

Best news to me is the avg. contribution amount. Speaks of grassroots support (not to mention out of state blogosphere stuff – which I’m sure is in there heavy). Other cool thing was I received a “blog press release”. Odd thing is the email was addressed to “Eric Eric Hananoki”. I have no idea who Mr. Hananoki is, but is definately me.

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