No, not over the head – I would never advocate such a thing. He did announce his intent to seek re-election even after being caught up in scandal after scandal. I hear he didn’t wear a fedora and black coat though so that was a good move at least. He did get piped though, as protestors greeted him outside of a restaurant where he made a follow-up “I’m Alright” announcement:

Ney Protest

Ney Protest with bagpiper

Ney Protest

The Dispatch reported Ney’s defiance despite the swirling trouble he appears to be in:

DOVER, Ohio ? Defiant in the face of scandal, U.S. Rep. Bob Ney launched his re-election bid yesterday, vowing to overcome “the coordinated smear campaign against me.”

Ney says he will be vindicated, in fact he promises it. We can’t wait for that Bob. Maybe it is all easily explainable. Maybe this was just a big misunderstanding:

In 2002, after Abramoff worked with conservative Christian activist Ralph Reed to close the casino of the Tigua tribe. Abramoff persuaded the tribe to hire him to lobby Congress to reopen the casino. Shortly after Abramoff met with Ney to ask him to push the legislation, the Tigua (by overnight mail) sent three checks to Ney’s political committees, totaling $32,000. The apparent exchange of campaign contributions in return for Ney’s support of an amendment to reopen the Tigua’s casino could constitute bribery.

I’m sure the 32K was part of your regular charitable work that you do for the kids, right?

The article mentions this little tidbit as well:

“The last several months have not been easy,” said Ney, who has said that he was duped by Abramoff. “I have seen my name savaged by the national media . . . I have watched as the liberal establishment in Washington engaged in a coordinated smear campaign against me.”

Smear campaign? Buddy, it’s called a federal investigation – and you are ensnared. I wonder if your constituents fear fire from all the smoke they are smelling? I wonder if they all know you have already spent $136,000 on lawyers to defend your sorry ass. I have a feeling the bagpiper knows…

The arrogance is just unreal. The book on Ney/Abramoff is not good. The record is clear on his actions and the money behind it. The GOP foks commenting in this article are a microcosm of what is wrong with this state and to a larger extent this country. They are taking turn the other cheek to a whole new level!

But, Ney couldn’t possibly get away without invoking the big fella…just for that added push amongst the brainwashed:

“People say we need a lot of prayers these days, and I think we do.”

Bob, you have no idea…

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