I’m not really sure what to file this under. I want to say “You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me”, but then again it could also go under “This Has To Be A Joke”. I guess I’ll just include a “see also”.

To be honest with you, this post sat in draft for a week now. Not until today when I got an email from John Sauter of ODP did I attempt to go back to it and blog on it. See, it makes me sick to my stomach and I hate that feeling. It also gave me chest pains at one point – literally hurt my heart to see people doing this.

The group of nutjobs from Kansas (wtf IS the matter with Kansas anyways?) have arrived in Ohio and are spreading the hate filled message of the Westboro Baptist Church at our statehouse today.

God Hates Fags

Anyone still disagree that Hackett went too far with the OBL references? I’d say he hit the nail on the head with the above nutjob, wouldn’t you?

Check out the hate and vitriol this group has perfected (website). I honestly thought this could possibly be a parody of some sorts…possibly even a joke – but I don’t think so. Not only do they think God hates fags and soliders (wanna get any more radically fundamentalist red staters? huh? you done yet?)…they also hate dead West Virginian coal miners. No shit. Can’t make the shit up. They have signs!

Absolutely disgustipating. I guess Dan Stewart (D-Columbus) was on hand to provide a Democratic response and refute their message of hatred. I’m not sure that is even necessary. Some things just need to be left out in the sun long enough to rot.

Rep. Boccieri has introduced legislation that would provide a 300-foot buffer so these crazies would have to keep away from gravesites and churches while a funeral is taking place. 300 feet is not enough.

Update: A visual definition of child abuse

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