Thanks Paul. I always wanted a Democrat with a bit of fight in ’em! What a great gift! All wrapped up with nice conviction wrapping paper and tied with a persistence bow! I really appreciate it:

I stand with Paul HackettDear Eric,

Last week the Columbus Dispatch published a column about my candidacy that said, in part, the following:

“Asked to define being pro-gay rights, Hackett said anybody who tries to deny homosexuals the same rights, including marriage, as every other citizen is un-American. Are you saying, he was asked, that the 62 percent of Ohioans who voted in November 2004 to constitutionally deny same-sex marriages are un-American?

“If what they believe is that we’re going to have a scale on judging which Americans have equal rights, yeah, that’s un-American. They’ve got to accept that. It’s absolutely un-American.” Columbus Dispatch (01/15/06)

It wasn’t long until the Republican attack machine came after me demanding an apology. They called what I said “hate speech.” The Republican Party was up to its old tricks again, using fear to silence opposition. They expected me to back down like too many Democrats have in the past.

My response?

I said it. I meant it. I stand behind it. Equal justice under the law for all regardless of who they are and how they were born is fundamental to our American spirit and our American freedoms. Any person or group that argues that the law should not apply equally to all Americans is, frankly, un-American.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by religious fanatics, who are out of touch with mainstream America. Think of the recent comments by Pat Robertson a religious fanatic by any measure – that the United States should assassinate a democratically elected leader in Venezuela, and that Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine punishment because Sharon wished to trade land for peace.

It was about time someone called it like it is.

If there is one thing the Republicans fear it’s a fighting Democrat who won’t back down when push comes to shove. They rely on fear and intimidation to divide Americans. I believe that those who would use religion and politics to divide rather than unite Americans should be ashamed.

I will continue to stand up to these extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party and want to divide the country, but I need you by my side to do so. Show the Republican Party that you will not tolerate the extremist behavior of the religious right.

Use the link below to sign a pledge of support. I need to know that you stand with me. I need to know that I can count on you to amplify our message of change. Let the Republican attack machine know you’ve had enough and refuse to be beaten into submission this time.

I hope I can count on your continued support. Together, we can fight back AND win in 2006.


Paul Hackett

You too can give me a wonderful birthday gift by going and signing the pledge. I thank you in advance for your support! (Thanks to Kathie for the heads up)

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