Probably too little too late:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. John Kerry will attempt a filibuster to block the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

“Judge Alito’s confirmation would be an ideological coup on the Supreme Court,” Kerry said in a written statement explaining his support for a filibuster.

“We can’t afford to see the court’s swing vote, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, replaced with a far-right ideologue like Samuel Alito.”

Just got an email from PFAW also. Here’s where you can help:

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  • Now is the right time to do this. Flood them over the weekend for Tuesday’s vote.

  • Dennis

    It might be too little too late but that begs the question, Why did Dems,( Dem activists, and those with so much to lose) let it get this far without pitching a fight. Have you seen this guy’s record? His support for the Unitary Executive alone could neuter Congress. Not to mention ethical issues, poor judgement and questionable memory lapses. This is a life time appointment folks to the SCOTUS. We should behave accordingly. There are times when Dems need to stand on principle.

    Sign Sen. Kerry’s filibuster petition.

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