Breeze of summer day
A bird is inviting me
In the grass

I hear a winter storm is on the way. It’s in times like these that old haiku comes in really handy…as well as headphones and Bosatsu – I’m listening to it now sitting in the Mean Bean. Good stuff. Bosatsu means “Deity of Compassion”. It’s quite odd how listening to it you can’t help but to be more compassionate. Probably the polar opposite of Slayer.

I tell you that to tell you this: My political posting, though many subjects and themes gnaw at me (a long awaited draft on religious fanaticism awaits), will be light as I am busy with some other projects and will also celebrate one of a handful of “near 40” birthdays tomorrow.

See what I’ve been up to over at Shakblog, my retreat blog where I talk about Shakuhachi, Zen, and the inner-workings of my monkey mind. My latest project is Shakpens, hand-turned bamboo pen and pencils that I am making and selling in order to support my practice in Zen and Shakuhachi.

Also, if you are in the Columbus area, I want to invite you to a special Shakuhachi Student Recital and Concert where you can hear one of a handful of Dai Shihans (Grand Master) play – Michael Gould, my teacher.