Great little piece in The Blade yesterday. I love the contrast in her description of how a “normal” politician tells us it’s raining out:

“Standing before you, I see a glorious view through this wonderful, plate-glass window. And through this sparklingly clear pane of glass – as every bit as clear to me as is America’s need for unity – yes, through this very window I can see God’s generosity in the form of raindrops from above.

And inconvenient though these sprinkles may be to those of us commuting to our high-paying jobs or our high-performing schools, we must not lose sight of the fact that, yes, after the rain we get flowers.

My fellow Americans: Vote for me and throw away your umbrellas, for you deserve whole fields of God-given flowers!”

Given the last bit and invocation of G-O-D, I’d say this is typical of modern Ohio Republican politicians.

Then there’s Paul Hackett:

“Wow! It’s POURING outside!”


Also good is her ending with this:

In that 2003 Chris Rock movie Head of State, the vice-president character ended speeches with: “God bless America, and no place else!”

At the time, the line was played for laughs. Now, it’s almost foreign policy.

I’d say she’s nailed it! Let her know about it: E-mail her at or call (419) 724-6086

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