Alright…now see why bloggers aren’t very enamored with the great honorable gentleman from Lorain? Blame it on the bloggers. Nice:

He added, though, that while he likes Hackett, he is upset at the actions of some of the people commenting on blog Web sites about the campaign. These bloggers, Brown said, are “basically trying to get my wife fired” from the Cleveland newspaper. (The Athens News)

Maybe I’m out of it, can someone point me to the bloggers who are angling for Connie to get fired? I’m really not sure where he’s getting this from. Seems to me the only one who got “fired” was a blogger. Am I wrong here?

If you read the entire article, you’ll also notice something weird. How does that little snippet above constitute taking a potshot at Hackett? The headline reads: “Senate candidate takes potshots at primary opponent, fires howitzer at GOP incumbent”, yet the only potshot I saw was at bloggers. A theme we are getting used to out of the Brown campaign.

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