Alright…now see why bloggers aren’t very enamored with the great honorable gentleman from Lorain? Blame it on the bloggers. Nice:

He added, though, that while he likes Hackett, he is upset at the actions of some of the people commenting on blog Web sites about the campaign. These bloggers, Brown said, are “basically trying to get my wife fired” from the Cleveland newspaper. (The Athens News)

Maybe I’m out of it, can someone point me to the bloggers who are angling for Connie to get fired? I’m really not sure where he’s getting this from. Seems to me the only one who got “fired” was a blogger. Am I wrong here?

If you read the entire article, you’ll also notice something weird. How does that little snippet above constitute taking a potshot at Hackett? The headline reads: “Senate candidate takes potshots at primary opponent, fires howitzer at GOP incumbent”, yet the only potshot I saw was at bloggers. A theme we are getting used to out of the Brown campaign.

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  • I don’t want Connie fired…Eric, you want Connie fired?

    What Sherrod Brown needs to understand is that whether we support him, Hackett, or are neutral – our “blog commentaries serve to point out the weaknesses in his current campaign.

    In fact, if he were to really pay attention to and/or embrace the idea of at least being open to hearing our “suggestions”, rather than running from and battling with bloggers – his campaign would be much more vital, fine-tuned, constituent driven and responsive.

    Whether Sherrod realizes it or not, the Lefty Blogosphere is the best campaign advisor he can get, and it costs him nothing.

    Focus groups? we’ll give ya focus…

    In the words of Little Rascal Mickey,
    “They’ll never learn….”

  • Eric

    Nope. Not me. Hell, I’d love to sit down and talk to the both of them…but doubt I ever would, lest I be cursed at for being one of those evil bloggers with a Hackett button on his site.

    Brown and company have a long way to go to understand the blogosphere…long way to go. I will say I feel I’ve at least tried to make a dent with them. I have.

  • Fired??? Heck, I wish she’d write some about the campaign. It would be an interesting read. She’s a columnist for the PD. That’s between her and the paper. Good for her in any event.

    He’s hiding behind his wife in order to draw some sympathy when in reality our problem is with him and the way he’s run his campaign. Cheap deflection.

  • Over at LivefromDayton we’re cool with Schultz too. I can think of a few Brown staffers we wouldn’t mind seeing “let go” though. hmpf.

  • this blog isn’t bullshit

    You missed a major lie in this story that is very similar to why the Washington Post is taking such heat from the blogs.

    Deborah Howell and the Washington Post are in trouble for saying things that aren’t true, dismissing criticism and removing evidence from their website that differs from what they now say happened. The reason that there is such and outroar is because the continued repeating of falsehoods creates a false narrative. In the case of Howell, this false narrative attempts to paint Jack Abramoff as a bipartisan scandal, which is simply not true.

    Yet the same thing is going on in the Ohio senate race. The false narrative continues to be repeated by Sherrod Brown, as reported by the Athens News:

    Brown said he never told the Democrats or Hackett that he definitely was not running, but he did tell them that if they had to have an answer then, they should consider him not in the race because he had not yet decided.

    That is a lie. Not only did he specifically tell Tim Ryan he wasn’t running, Brown also told the whole world, including the press:

    U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, (D., Lorain), has decided not to run next year for the Senate seat held by Mike DeWine, according to postings that appeared yesterday on his Grow Ohio Web site and a blog.

    When Brown told the world he wasn’t running, it was because he wanted to:
    1. Honor his “first professional obligation” to the people of his district
    2. “take a leadership role in Ted Strickland’s campaign”
    3. Help elect (other) Democrats “across the state at every level”

    When Brown flipped and decided to run after all, he started the myth that he never said he wouldn’t run. Yet as the Cincy Post article above pointed out, Brown announced he wasn’t running on his blog. So what did he do? He tried to re-write history. Check out his announcement as captured by a supporter with the scrubbed version on his website.

    Like Howell, Brown then sought to cut of the discussion by waffling on his committment to meet the bloggers. Instead, Brown just keeps repeating a bald faced lie.

  • Eric

    I did notice that…but was more focused on my original angle. Thanks for pointing that out though…and thanks for thinking my blog is not bullshit.

  • Nice rundown TBIB.

  • this blog isn’t bullshit

    Thanks, I agree that you have a great catch here.

    Since bloggers aren’t trying to get Connie fired, maybe it would be helpful to list what really bothers Sherrod about bloggers.

    Could it be that some bloggers are bothered by a campaign that removes evidence that the candidate is now lying?

    Could bloggers have a problem with a campaign that first tries to buy the blogosphere, then tries to neutralize the blogs, finally gets caught threatening to end the careers of bloggers (co-inciding with a blogger getting fired)?

    Could bloggers lack respect for a candidate who says one thing and then does another when it comes to both running and meeting with the bloggers?

    Might it be that bloggers think that Sherrod’s campaign has been a series of blunders (even Brown realizes this and fired two senior staff)?

    Would it be possible that bloggers could worry that a candidate who melts down amidst fellow Democrats would be prone to crack during a heated general election?

    I can think of many reasons why Sherrod might not like bloggers talking about his campaign, but (as you point out) his wife has nothing to do with it.

    Or could it be that Sherrod Brown is too insecure to be called a coward? Remember, that is pretty much what the Blade said when Sherrod said he wouldn’t run (so he ran). When Brown flipped and did run, Pounder called Sherrod Brown a coward (so Brown hated the blogs).

    While there are lots of reasons why Sherrod might dislike the blogs, none of them have to do with his wife. It could be a focus on how Sherrod lacks credibility, how his entire bid is fruit from a poisonous tree, how his campaign is a disaster — or it could just be small man’s disease with being called a coward.

    There is no reason for Brown to hide behind his wife, if he were smart he would have met with the bloggers and cleared the air. Instead, he chickened out (again hiding behind his wife).

    If Brown wins the primary (which looks increasingly unlikely), he is going to need the blogs in the general.

    Sherrod’s problem with the blogs being about his wife is as much of a lie as Sherrod claiming he never said he wouldn’t run for Senate.

    Brown needs to admit he was wrong to shun the bloggers (just like he admitted his field and political departments were failing by firing the Directors). Dragging this out in back and forth via the press is a disaster of a strategy.

    I don’t know what kind of brownies they are eating in Sherrod’s campaign, but it makes me want to puke.

  • this blog isn’t bullshit

    Whoops, meant to say Brown “chickened” out by hiding behind his newer wife.

    Eric: I fixed it 😉

  • Bloggers aren’t trying to get Connie fired, Connie is trying to get Connie fired. Doug Clifton isn’t helping. Sherrod can blame whoever he wants.

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  • anonymous

    Every time Sherrod drags Connie into the equation he makes the situation stickier and Doug Clifton’s position more precarious. I can’t conceive of any action by any blogger that could be construed as trying to get her fired, but when Brown claims her as the reason he won’t do Meet the Bloggers, it sounds like HE is trying to get her fired.

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