Another from the weekend inbox. Seems the ODP rapid response machinery got all oiled up and ready to go. The PR was about a PD article of the same day:

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland today reports that Secretary of State’s poorly worded gimmick modeled after Colorado’s TABOR/TEL is so poorly worded that it could gut government programs that pay for themselves without tax-supported funds — and in Ohio the grand-daddy of all state-supported programs is Ohio State Buckeye licensing.

Talk about pissing on the third rail. If there is one thing you don’t fuck with in the state of Ohio, it’s Buckeye Football. It would be akin to banning the sport of basketball in my home state of Kentucky. Not wise. Sounds to me like there will be some serious backpeddling and rewording of this. The Buckeye Football angle does add more fuel for the fire against a stupid idea in the first place. Ask Colorado how they like their little dealio.

Something will have to give:

State Sen. Jeff Jacobson, a Dayton-area Republican and former Senate Finance Committee member, said he doubts state lawmakers would cut social programs in favor of college football.

“Either this means state programs get cut or Ohio State’s football team goes down the drain,” he said. “I’m not sure why Secretary Blackwell would want to defend either of those outcomes. Both are losing propositions with the voters.”

This should wake up the home team.

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