In the words of one Gomer Pile (USMC): Surprise, surprise, surprise! Rove is going to use fearmongering as a strategy in November:

Embattled White House adviser Karl Rove vowed Friday to make the war on terrorism a central campaign issue in November. (AP)

You don’t say. I love that Dean replied by reminding Mr. Rove that he should be fucking fired anyway!

Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean denounced Rove’s remarks and renewed his call for the deputy White House chief of staff to be fired for his role in leaking a CIA official’s name. “That is both unpatriotic and wrong,” Dean said.

Uh, hello!! Why is Karl even talking? I wonder if Karl has taken the Reality Based Quiz?

The best was this little ditty:

The GOP’s progress during the last four decades is a stunning political achievement. But it is also a cautionary tale of what happens to a dominant party in this case, the Democrat Party when its thinking becomes ossified; when its energy begins to drain; when an entitlement mentality takes over; and when political power becomes an end in itself rather than a mean to achieve the common goal

You mean like the Abramoff thing? Or your CIA leak? Shit like that? Or maybe you are making a comparison to the little Delay situation? In debate we call this “flipping”. When your opponent makes your best argument, your speeches are generally very short. You just stand up and flip it. Flip it for real. I would say there is a strong entitlement mentality within todays republican party and that power is an end in itself.

2006 is time for a change. If you don’t believe me, ask the American people. Take a look at Bush’s poll numbers.

This administration, their Neo-con friends, and the republican party has made us LESS safe, turning Iraq into the most sophisticated terrorist training grounds of the modern era. The chief instigator of 9/11 is still on the loose – let’s remind them of that every single fucking time we hear 9/11 be used as a stage prop in their fear and loathing campaign. Say goodnight Karl.

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  • Paul Minor

    The story here isn’t that Yes, of course Rove will use the storyline he’s creating that Bush is the great protector of us all and the whining Dems who are just playing politics and are soft on defense are simply criticizing our fearless leader for their benefit. The story is that the Dems have become so ineffective at presenting an attack or even an argument, even one soundly based on clear facts and on solid legal and moral footing, that our political ineptitude literally helps pave the way for Rove to do such.

    The Dems did more than vacate their responsibility to effectively work for accountability and penalty for Rove/Cheney’s obvious incompetence-beyond-reason which lead to the biggest executive branch’s failing in our nation’s history, 911. They, in the sheepish process of being politically cautious, turned Bush’s 1st huge debacle, 911, into his best political issue and in turn doomed themselves for 2004! The Dems did this. Rove only took advantage. Kerry and Carville and Hillary and the Dem leaders in positions to make a difference and take on the neo-con express have shown a level of political incompetence that compares to Rove/Cheney’s actions in conducting foreign and domestic policy.

    When the Dems figure out what the game is and then look in the mirror to best figure out how to play to win, then and only then will they have a shot to succeed nationally.

    So the Prez gets busted for spying on Americans illegally, and the story that?s flying around is will this issue be the winner to pull the corruptedly vulnerable Reepubs out of their doldrums and into a victorious position in ?06. Sure, why not. Remember when the worst executive branch defense failure against terrorism by an administration somehow became that administration?s best issue in it’s successful bid for re-selection? Weird times Democrats. Hey some Democrat try this, raise your freakin’ voice. No not you Howard.

  • Paul Minor

    Hey, great site.

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