Have you ever been standing next to someone and feel it? Meet a person with such charisma that you knew that had it? Muhammad Ali, for example. He has it. That thing that you can’t explain but know it’s there. The thing that makes you feel like a deer in headlights. It.

Ebay is selling it, everybody wants it, rare people have it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Paul Hackett. He has the market cornered on it.

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  • I was wondering that the media lately has been reporting that Hackett comes across as gruff. Is this true?

  • Now that would be something to look forward to.

    I hope that Paul Hackett makes his way up to Lorain once or twice before May rolls around. The sooner and more often-the better too. He would certainly pick up support from my area, even though this is Sherrod Brown territory – because I think the people of Lorain would relate more with Hackett and vice-versa.

    I believe you Eric, when you say he has “it”
    We most definately need “it” up here. The folks in Lorain are dying for “it”.

  • Eric

    I think the gruff thing comes from the fact that he won’t back down. He does seem pissed at times, but I’ll take that instead of the usual blither blather that Dems get hung up in.

    The media is probably just pissed in Ohio because they can’t get him to back down. So are the Republicans.

    From the meeting here in Delaware, I thought he came off as very agresssive but with a point. He admonishes his crowds to buy into what he is saying…and what he is saying makes a great deal of sense – gay marriage, theocracy, etc.

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