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Have you ever been standing next to someone and feel it? Meet a person with such charisma that you knew that had it? Muhammad Ali, for example. He has it. That thing that you can’t explain but know it’s there. The thing that makes you feel like a deer in headlights. It.

Ebay is selling it, everybody wants it, rare people have it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Paul Hackett. He has the market cornered on it.

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In the words of one Gomer Pile (USMC): Surprise, surprise, surprise! Rove is going to use fearmongering as a strategy in November:

Embattled White House adviser Karl Rove vowed Friday to make the war on terrorism a central campaign issue in November. (AP)

You don’t say. I love that Dean replied by reminding Mr. Rove that he should be fucking fired anyway!

Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean denounced Rove’s remarks and renewed his call for the deputy White House chief of staff to be fired for his role in leaking a CIA official’s name. “That is both unpatriotic and […]

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Why Free Markets Don’t Work

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I’m not an economist and I hated studying it. Micro, macro…it all ranked right up there with Accounting for me. My ADD brain could stand about a minute of each and I was off thinking about other things…beer most likely. I have often thought why things happen in a free market economy, how companies are rewarded or punished by the folks with the cash (us).

The now widely accepted notion among the left that Wal-Mart stores are bad for both workers and communities they are in along with the recent news that McDonalds buys little tomatoes for their court […]

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