Think again. Check out the latest effort to get it overturned. They are pushing for it by pressing legislation in Ohio. Backers of the bill even talk about triggering a review of Roe. (from Cincy Enquirer)

Here we go folks! Get ready to get in the streets. The lunatics are coming and they want our women’s uterus. Funny how a man who will never be up against the decision of pregnancy versus termination want to legislate it for other women. Nice work Brinkman! I think we should get someone to sponsor a bill banning overweight legislators. He is endangering his life by being in a high stress position with so much extra weight. Or would that be infringing too much on civil liberties? Or maybe he’s just pregnant and wants to keep the baby? Congratulations Tom!

So if you think all the Alito overturning of Roe is a bunch of left-wing lunacy, take a gander at this:

Mark Harrington, executive director for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest, called Brinkman’s bill a test case. Anti-abortion groups say that a Supreme Court reshaped by President Bush – with new justices John Roberts and, expected soon, Samuel Alito – will be inclined to overturn Roe.

“House Bill 228 provides the necessary constitutional challenge to strike down Roe versus Wade,” Harrington said. “It will immediately be challenged in the courts, and that’s the strategy. House Bill 228 is a trigger law. The U.S. Supreme Court needs a law to trigger a review of Roe versus Wade.”

Does that clear it up for you a bit? Bio-Ethical Reform. What a hoot!

General Washington thinks this might cause the rest of the blue in Ohio to pack their bags. Cincy Blog calls it like it is: oppression of women.