Uncle! Now posts are mysteriously disappearing. First no audio or video, now this. I spent a long time on a post commenting on a recent article by Mark Satin and now it is :::poof::: gone! I give.

  • Not a Full Moon…
    Drinking Liberally was last week…

    Could this be the coming attack we were warned about?

    The free speech blogosphere gets dysfunctional?
    Scientology’s “soul sucking” space ships now used to mine lefty blogs, and strip the opposition of all verbage….

    I was hoping for the “nude bomb” myself….

  • Eric

    LOL. I needed that man. I took a long walk yesterday and repeated the following mantra: “I will NOT give up…I can rebuild the post…I will NOT give up…I can rebuild the post”. But the Mark Satin post was so long and well thought out. Not like my usual drive-by stuff.

    I needed your comment in the worst way…now I’m laughing too much to care anymore!

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