OK, color me pissed. I’ve reached my tipping point with the Christian Jihadist Movement. The fight among some within perfectly reasonable “faith based initiatives” to turn this country into one nation under their God needs to come to an end.

The recent move by 31 Columbus area pastors is what is hopefully the first in many salvos to stop this Christian Jihadist Movement. The attempt by a radical few to push us further along the path to becoming the Saudi Arabia of the West.

One of the churches mentioned in the complaint is World Harvest Church, featuring the famous Rod Parsley. The same charlatan who is such a humble servant of God he lives in a 7,462 square foot home. That guy.

It’s really very simple. If you are going to inject politics into your religious activities, we are going to want you to pony up some taxes. Especially when you are registering people to vote on the pretext that they vote GOP and support Blackwell and other who are using religion as a grand lever. Hell, even the World Harvest response drips with partican guilt, but using Orwellian language to flip the partisan spear around and skewer those accussing you of wrongdoing:

But in a statement issued by Parsley?s spokesman, Mark Youngkin, World Harvest said the “left-leaning clergymen” have no case ? although they do seem to have “a political agenda.”

Uh, no. Sorry. They are trying to stop you “far-right-leaning pastoral types” from your Christian Jihadist Movement. They are attempting to restore order to both the political process AND the spiritual one. Do all of these guys go to the Rovian School of Back-Athca-ry?

When we have scenes like this involving a candidate for Governor (not to mention the Petro ads):

Mission from GOD

Blackwell also criticized the ecumenical group that has challenged the tax status of the Ohio Restoration Project. “There are political and social forces trying to run God and faith and religion out of the public square,” he said.

He recalled his father leaving inspirational quotes for him to find. One was from abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who said, “Those who are whupped easiest are whupped most often.”

Christians should show that they are not going to be whupped, Blackwell said.

…we got problems folks. The group of 31 is right, and if they don’t win their case then I call upon all institutions of faith in the state of Ohio to enter into the Statewide War Against the Christian Jihadist Movement. We must stop the WMD of this fascist, right-wing coup against our government and our great religious institutions. Rise up in the name of God and restore normalcy to both your faiths and your government.

Note to Mr. Blackwell: Nobody is trying to tell you or anyone else how to practice your religion…but since when did God and faith and religion belong in the public square? Ever read the early writings of our founding fathers? Ever study the Constitution? Get a damned clue Reverend Most Holy.

Strickland is a damned minister and you don’t hear about him calling on people of God to rise up and support his campaign. I think his campaign should start to neutralize this so-called religious advantage by joining with groups of moderate ministers and clergy and speak out on the issue of separation of church and state and highlight how un-Christian these so-called people of God really are. Start with Blackwell and work your way down…there is ample evidence.

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