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Still Think Alito Not about Roe?

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Think again. Check out the latest effort to get it overturned. They are pushing for it by pressing legislation in Ohio. Backers of the bill even talk about triggering a review of Roe. (from Cincy Enquirer)

Here we go folks! Get ready to get in the streets. The lunatics are coming and they want our women’s uterus. Funny how a man who will never be up against the decision of pregnancy versus termination want to legislate it for other women. Nice work Brinkman! I think we should get someone to sponsor a bill banning overweight legislators. He is endangering […]

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I Give

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Uncle! Now posts are mysteriously disappearing. First no audio or video, now this. I spent a long time on a post commenting on a recent article by Mark Satin and now it is :::poof::: gone! I give.

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OK, color me pissed. I’ve reached my tipping point with the Christian Jihadist Movement. The fight among some within perfectly reasonable “faith based initiatives” to turn this country into one nation under their God needs to come to an end.

The recent move by 31 Columbus area pastors is what is hopefully the first in many salvos to stop this Christian Jihadist Movement. The attempt by a radical few to push us further along the path to becoming the Saudi Arabia of the West.

One of the churches mentioned in the complaint is World Harvest Church, featuring the […]

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