Well, my audioblog.com service is still not working correctly and I’m not getting a ton of help getting it going again. So all my cool streaming audio and video is kaputso amigos. I did clean up and amplify some of the audio from the Hackett Delaware stop along with some photos I took. Apologies for some that are a bit unclear as my Coolpix has been acting up lately (turns out you should never check any kind of electronic equipment…even plane-side!).

The audio can be found here (3.52 MB MP3).

Quick audio highlight – Hackett takes a shot at Sherrod (happens with about 2:00 min left in the audio file):

We have got to concentrate on winning the general election. We have got to focus on making decisions regarding candidates who can win the general election! This is not about how long have you been here and is it your turn. That’s a failed formula! We know it’s a failed formula because it’s failed us now for fifteen years!

Photos and captions after the break…

The Mean Bean fills up
The Mean Bean fills up with people…I’ve never seen it this full. The look on some of the Ohio Wesleyan student’s faces was priceless. They were all like “dude, wtf?”

The line to the barista was really long
I’ve never seen the line at Mean Bean go 10 deep. Probably the best 3pm business they’ve done ever!

Moved upstairs
Upstairs at the Mean Bean…people begin to file upstairs for more room. This space is quite neat. We screened Lakoff’s DVD up there one time. Plenty of room, but a bit noisy from street level traffic.

Waitin' on Paul
Hanging out and waiting for Paul

RV Watch
Ever get RV watch? This guy did. His job was to keep this rare right in front of Mean Bean parking spot open for the RV arrival.

Hackett RV
The calvary arrives…the famous Hackett RV pulls up to the Mean Bean.

Hackett out
Hackett leads the way. I found it striking how fast they were moving. It was like an amphibious assault…the damned RV barely stopped rolling and the door opened and out ran Paul and his squad – OK, they were running late and I made up that amphibous assault thing in my head…let me have my daydreams, would ya? They were definately moving with a purpose though!

Cup of coffee?
Paul bounds up the stairs to the Mean Bean second floor and greets the crowd who are cheering wildly. “Do I get a cup of coffee out of this?”, he asks.

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