Plently of talk (and I’m coming late – damn WP upgrade and xmprpc crap!) recently about the GOP trying to bash Hackett and label him “incendiary” and “abhorrent”.? Specifically, Paul was quoted in the Columbus Dispatch as saying:

The Republican Party has been hijacked by the religious fanatics that, in my opinion, aren?t a whole lot different than Osama bin Laden and a lot of the other religious nuts around the world,” he said. “The challenge is for the rest of us moderate Americans and citizens of the world to put down the fork and spoon, turn off the TV, and participate in the process and try to push back on these radical nuts – and they are nuts.

To which the GOP quickly tried to cast Paul in a bad light:

Paul Hackett’s attempt to compare Christian conservatives to terrorists is abhorrent and completely inappropriate. These intolerant views have no place in the public debate, and I hope his fellow Democrats reject this divisive hate speech. Hackett has shown repeatedly that he will say or do anything to get attention, and it’s unfortunate that views like his are embraced by the Democratic Party. I think, Mr. Hackett, you’ve once again proven who real “radical nut” is.

Now, how do we reply to that?? Oh shit, the religious right will get pissed I better back down?? Nope:

I said it. I meant it. I stand behind it. Equal justice under the law for all regardless of who they are and how they were born is fundamental to our American spirit and our American freedoms. Any person or group that argues that the law should not apply equally to all Americans is, frankly, un-American.?

The Republican Party has been hijacked by religious fanatics, who are out of touch with mainstream America. Think of the recent comments by Pat Robertson – a religious fanatic by any measure – that the United States should assassinate a democratically elected leader in Venezuela, and that Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine punishment because Sharon wished to trade land for peace.

Since the Republican Party has been utterly unable to stand for something positive, they have created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, and have pandered to religious fanatics not to vote for something they believe in, but to vote against their fellow Americans with whom they disagree. Those among us who would use religion and politics to divide rather than unite Americans should be ashamed.

SMS:? Said it, Meant it, Stand by it.? Can you believe that is a Democrat talking?? No long drawn out fucking explanation of, well, er…um…what that meant was – I indeed meant no offense to the good people worshipping in religious fundamental institutions that are so vital to our country ’tis of thee.? No, fuck that.? You heard what I said, right?? Any questions?? Precisely why the man is going to be a player with the new Dems, the Dems rising up from the ashes of failure that is the modern Democratic Party, the Dems and Indies online and off.? The folks who are no longer willing or able to sit back and watch the GOP use their fear and language against us.

BSB has a great rundown of blogger response and it is all overwhelmingly positive.? While people are generally ignoring the posturing of Brown at his table for one, people have taken notice of this simple and strong statement from Hackett.? More proof that you can’t script blog love…nor can you neutralize us.