I’d post audio and video, but I’m doing battle with audioblog.com and WordPress’ xmlrpc. Will update with that when I’m able. I had a brief discussion about MLK at the last Drinking Liberally with Jennifer. The main point being how sanitized his legacy has become and how truly radical his notions were…beyong racial tolerance, which is about all he gets credit for nowadays. She was recommendeding a book, which I must ask her about again the next time I’m in the library (damn you Dead Guy Ale!).

Then I found this article. Wow. Sums it up mighty well I’d say. A very eloquent and well written version of our rambling conversation over pints of beer.

The icon we celebrate today is an anodyne specter of the true article’s dynamism and dissent. In a huckster nation, this opportunistic conjuring of King’s brand identity is hardly surprising.

Indeed. The King legacy has been watered down, but maybe not by some grand scheme to make us look over here instead of over there. It might just be pure American laziness.

Benjamin and Carmichael remind us, as we so often are in politics: “It’s The Economy, Stupid!”:

Assassins snuffed King as he began his most challenging campaign of all: the fight against inequality of capital and opportunity. Ignoring this campaign suppresses an incisive message, offering up a palliative charade precisely when his economic vision of substantive change is most needed.

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