I was hoping this would eventually happen. Overstep enough and you are sure to get cut off at the pass. Many in the Ohio blogosphere are commenting on the local pastors who are accusing two local megachurches of illegal activity. Blammo! A Holy War right here in Ohio? Bring it. BSB has more, as does OH02…among others – just hit Lefty Blogs Ohio.

It is really about time that the voices of reason within the community of faith in this state and across the country stood up against the shenanigans of the religious right. I think there is certainly a legitimate case for their tax exempt status to be revoked and I hope it happens. Even more than that, I hope the religious crutch of the right is exposed for the fraud that it is. I only hope now that brave Democrats of faith will speak out about their beliefs and how those beliefs support the politics of the Democrat party and are anti-GOP. It is about time…

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