OK, Last bit on football and then I can move back to politics…been a nice little break though. I just read the best article yet on the bizarro-world game that was the Steelers-Colts matchup yesterday. It comes, surprisingly enough, from our friends in Canada.

The best use of sarcasm:

Game over. Or so millions of football fans thought, trapped as they are in their unoriginality. But not referee Pete Morelli. In a bit of “thinking-outside-the-box” brilliance, Morelli went under the hood, eyeballed the replays, examined his conscience and made a bold decision, all for the love of the game. Incomplete pass, he ruled.

Good stuff, eh?

By the way, here is how Morelli justified the call:

“I had the defender catching the ball. Before he got up, he hit it with his leg with his other leg still on the ground. Therefore, he did not complete the catch. And then he lost the ball. It came out, and so we made the play an incomplete pass.”

(the deconstruction of which I find almost too obvious to even point out)

To which Joey Porter hilariously replied:

I know they wanted Indy to win this game; the whole world loves Peyton Manning,” Porter said. “But come on, man, don’t take the game away from us like that.