Well, once again we try to get one of what must be dozens of “Al Qaeda’s #2 Man” only to come up 18 civilians short. Damn. Least surprising thing is Trent Lott is OK with this:

And Sen. Trent Lott added, “I would have a problem if we didn’t do it.”

“There’s no question that they’re still causing the death of millions of — or thousands of — innocent people and directing operations in Iraq,” said Lott, a Mississippi Republican. “Absolutely, we should do it.”

MOST surprising (or maybe least as well, hell) is Evan Bayh is also OK with it:

Bayh expressed similar sentiments, and cited the al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington of September 11, 2001, as justification. “These people killed 3,000 Americans. They have to be brought to justice.”

Here we go again. Weak ass Dems going along with the invocation of 9/11 as a reason to kill, kill, kill. How is it we have outrage and moral indignation when our civilians are killed, but this idiotic “aw, well fuck that is unfortunate” attitude when it is others half the way around the world?

Senator McCain also concurred. Someone asked me at the last DL meeting whether I thought McCain was a viable candidate and could I possibly vote for him. Uh, how about a hell no! Sure, let’s not mistreat the prisoners – but maybe before they even become prisoners let’s bomb the innocent fuckers to death! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I say get your fucking intelligence straight or don’t start dropping bombs…you dumbasses! My question is, how does this make us any different from these folks?

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  • Um, I disagree about the article’s characterization about Bayh. Bayh wasn’t saying collateral damage was no big deal.

    He was saying that we were justified in carrying out a military operation against Al Qaeda assuming we had good-quality, actionable intelligence. You yourself don’t disagree with the idea that attacking Qaeda wherever and whenever they are legitimately found is justifiable. Your criticism, a good one, is that we must make sure the intelligence is right before we act. That’s something I agree with, and I’m damned disappointed that it looks like the CIA and its UAVs appear to have screwed the pooch again. However, that is a separate question from whether or not it’s okay for us to go after Qaeda leaders when we find them.

  • Eric

    OK, great. I understand you run a pro-Bayh blog, but he did NOT say anything about assuming good quality intel. He said “Now, it’s a regrettable situation, but what else are we supposed to do?”

    I have a hint Evan, how about ensuring we have the right guy…or even that the fucking guy is in the area. How about that?

    Sure, go after Al Qaeda leaders when we find them, but don’t justify killing civilians when we don’t. Not when you pretend to be a Democrat. Not on my watch.

  • There are two problems here:

    (1) The CIA thought it had good intel, and it told elected officials that it did. From another article on the airstrike:

    Bayh said the CIA had been watching the area for several days and that the agency would not have conducted such an operation without extraordinarily high levels of intelligence. Bayh said he has ?every reason to believe? that high-ranking officials in the Pakistani government were told in advance of the strike.

    (2) The CIA is overseen by the Bush people so it’s inevitable that they managed to screw up something like this.

    The basic problem is that it appears that the CIA didn’t have a “spotter” on the ground who could ID Zawahri first before calling in the airstrike. It seems that they had a good tip that he was supposed to be attending this meeting, then they failed to ensure that he actually showed up to the thing.

    I still think that you’re targeting Bayh unfairly. He doesn’t have the ability to independently verify the CIA’s intelligence. He, as a member of the Senate Intel committee, is dependent on what they tell him. Sure he can operate from a posture of basic skepticism, but when it involves a target of value as high as Zawahiri, you have a duty to be able to justify not going after him. It’s a tough call in some cases, which was the basic point of Bayh’s comments.

  • Eric

    I don’t “target”, btw. I read and opine. Let’s get this straight: Bayh bought into intel. from the CIA…the same alphabet boys who for years have been known to have very little ground intel within Middle East terrorist groups. Then we are told there was not even a spotter on the ground who could ID this highly lucrative Al Qaeda target?

    Did Bayh know this? Did others on the Senate Intel Committee? I agree it’s a tough call, and Bayh made the tough call in terms of his opinion of whether or not to make the strike – now he has to live with the tough consequences and NOT have it excused away like so many knats bothering him at the family picnic.

    If killing innocent civilians in the name of bringing 9/11 terrorists (already dead I might add) to justice is what Bayh thinks this is all about, I don’t want him in my party. Pretty simple, really. Call it targeting or whatever you want. I call it murder. What would you call it?

    Here is what I expect out of a Democratic Senator: “I think if there was really good intelligence that you have your guy and you can minimize killing civilians, then we need to go after them (terrorists). Absent that, we continue to work until we can arrive in that situation. Killing more innocent people is never justified and I will never support taking action that results in that.”

    Got me?

    Anytime a Democratic Senator and Trent Lott agree, it raises a tiny little flag…no, sorry, a great big fucking flag!

  • Eric

    Also, from your quote above: “Bayh said the CIA had been watching the area for several days and that the agency would not have conducted such an operation without extraordinarily high levels of intelligence”. Sorry, but I think there are 18 bodies that might disagree with this assessment…

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