Well, once again we try to get one of what must be dozens of “Al Qaeda’s #2 Man” only to come up 18 civilians short. Damn. Least surprising thing is Trent Lott is OK with this:

And Sen. Trent Lott added, “I would have a problem if we didn’t do it.”

“There’s no question that they’re still causing the death of millions of — or thousands of — innocent people and directing operations in Iraq,” said Lott, a Mississippi Republican. “Absolutely, we should do it.”

MOST surprising (or maybe least as well, hell) is Evan Bayh is also OK with it:

Bayh expressed similar sentiments, and cited the al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington of September 11, 2001, as justification. “These people killed 3,000 Americans. They have to be brought to justice.”

Here we go again. Weak ass Dems going along with the invocation of 9/11 as a reason to kill, kill, kill. How is it we have outrage and moral indignation when our civilians are killed, but this idiotic “aw, well fuck that is unfortunate” attitude when it is others half the way around the world?

Senator McCain also concurred. Someone asked me at the last DL meeting whether I thought McCain was a viable candidate and could I possibly vote for him. Uh, how about a hell no! Sure, let’s not mistreat the prisoners – but maybe before they even become prisoners let’s bomb the innocent fuckers to death! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I say get your fucking intelligence straight or don’t start dropping bombs…you dumbasses! My question is, how does this make us any different from these folks?

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