Here we go! (clap clap).

Despite the best efforts of the refs in Indy, the Steelers dominate the best team in football and advance to the AFC championship game. Tomorrow’s headline in the Post Gazette might could read: “Missed Fieldgoal Prevents Highway Robbery in the RCA Dome”. Never before in a lifetime of watching football have I been compelled to write to the Commisioner, but today I did:

Mr. Paul J. Tagliabue
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10027

The NFL must do something about the atrocious calls during the Colts-Steelers game today. Never in my life of watching the game (which began in 1974 at the age of 5) have I seen a worse call than that of the reversal of the Polamalu interception. I believe the non-call on pass interference was also objectionable, but will let that slide in light of what amounts to one of the worst replay reversals in NFL history.

You guys need to get your shit together regarding this and fast. It cheapens the game and makes true fans not want to watch. It appeared blatantly partisan in favor of the Colts who were up to that point getting their asses handed to them.

I never want to see Pete Morelli referee another game. He should be fined and then fired. Triplette should be ashamed. The NFL should be ashamed. YOU should be ashamed.

I and other NFL fans expect a full inquiry into this most bizarre ruling on the field and I would like to hear from your office as that moves forward. Please reply to this and let me know what is being done. I anxiously await your reply.


Eric Vessels
Life-long Pittsburgh Steeler Fan

Huge, dominating win for the Steelers. Next up, Denver. Pardon me while I breathe and bust out the defibrillator. Never, ever should have been that close though. They tried their best to take it away from us, but came up short. GO STEELERS!

PS – This is priceless!