I was able to get some audio clips of Alito nomination confirmation hearings today. Today featured several legal experts on both sides and featured some really good testimony. I found three particularly thoughtful and enlightening as it relates to what a Justice Alito might mean for the American people.

First is from Erwin Chemerinsky from Duke University, who is troubled by the unitary executive theory:

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Next is from Beth Nolan, who also is concerned about executive power – a theme which dominated the day and is particularly troubling to me:

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Last clip is from Laurence Tribe, who feels Alito would jeopardize the underlying liberty of Americans:

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It was interesting to me the makeup of the panel today. Nora Demleitner appeared to be a member of the Sam Alito fan club. She was giddy with her rah-rah type support of the judge. The other two were more articulate, yet still came off as supportive plants. The dissenters used much more factual evidence and came off more persuasive to me.

From the above speakers, it has become more clear to me that the Alito confirmation is about two things: The narrowing of individual liberties and rights – especially women, and the broadening of executive power. In the political climate of today, I’m not at all willing to risk either. Alito is a dangerous choice.

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