He came, he saw, he damn near conquered.

Like most I came in contact with Tim Russo via democracyguy.com. Before it became a serial book it was his political blog that later was moved to buckeypolitics.net. I found in Tim a unique voice. That is what I look for online – unique voices. Just having started getting motivated to blog on politics and to also work parallel in the real world on issues and campaigns that mattered to me, I found his experience and viewpoint enlightening and refreshing.

Like most, initially I did not agree with him all the time at all. In fact, oddly enough, Tim was a big Sherrod Brown guy (chuckling as I type) and I was a big Hackett guy having been fresh from the OH02 battles and more than a little personally attached to the guy through my own efforts in Portsmouth. Ah, so close…

Since the disappearance of Buckeye Politics and Tim, I had hoped it would not result in the loss of this voice, but it appears is has for now.

It is still a bit unclear what happened and if there was too much heat on Tim or Gerardo. I’m sure folks will hear about it all in back circles. I wish Tim the best in his job hunt and hope he resurfaces in a way that benefits the Ohio blogosphere because we refuse to be neutralized!

PS – Tim says vote for Hackett…I agree – more on that later.

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  • Yep. His blog and voice was unique. I’m seriously missing his experience and viewpoint on MeetTheBloggers. I was just telling another blogger that Tim wasn’t always agreeable, but he sure provoked dialog. My friend agreed and commented “that’s what made him such a good blogger.”

    To your point about refusing to be neutralized, how does the Ohio blogosphere organize around Tim’s absence? What do we need to do differently to continue to provoke discussions that lead to change?

  • Eric,

    You Said: “Like most, initially I did not agree with him all the time at all.”

    That was the strenght of Russo, he was not always agreable but you always knew who you were dealing with.

    Good post.

  • Eric


    I don’t know that I have the answer to that question. I think it is mostly about maintaining our own voices and linking up in ways that amplify that. What form that takes I’m not sure. I might just say stay involved. Keep stuff like MTB going. Meetups, comments, blogging, organizing some type of annual event.

    My hope is that things will just happen out of the common desire to affect change, shine light on things that need attention, and as always call bullshit when it is needed.

  • George-

    I don’t think we have to do anything differently.
    I think that all of us have been effected/affected/inspired in some way by Tim.

    I know I have. Whether Russo ever types another blog entry or not, There will always be a little bit of Tim Russo that blogs in all of us who have ever read his work.


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