He came, he saw, he damn near conquered.

Like most I came in contact with Tim Russo via democracyguy.com. Before it became a serial book it was his political blog that later was moved to buckeypolitics.net. I found in Tim a unique voice. That is what I look for online – unique voices. Just having started getting motivated to blog on politics and to also work parallel in the real world on issues and campaigns that mattered to me, I found his experience and viewpoint enlightening and refreshing.

Like most, initially I did not agree with him all the time at all. In fact, oddly enough, Tim was a big Sherrod Brown guy (chuckling as I type) and I was a big Hackett guy having been fresh from the OH02 battles and more than a little personally attached to the guy through my own efforts in Portsmouth. Ah, so close…

Since the disappearance of Buckeye Politics and Tim, I had hoped it would not result in the loss of this voice, but it appears is has for now.

It is still a bit unclear what happened and if there was too much heat on Tim or Gerardo. I’m sure folks will hear about it all in back circles. I wish Tim the best in his job hunt and hope he resurfaces in a way that benefits the Ohio blogosphere because we refuse to be neutralized!

PS – Tim says vote for Hackett…I agree – more on that later.

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