From yesterday. Concerned Alumni of Princeton. The group the judge can’t remember much about. The line of questioning that Kennedy puts him on seems to speak to the nature of his stonewalling and his inability to come clean.

Have you ever put something on a resume that years later you can remember almost NOTHING about? The way I’m seeing it, it is one of two things really:

  1. He signed on to CAP in order to pad his right-wing stats to get the Reagan job
  2. or

  3. He is lying about not being able to remember much about it

Either way, it doesn’t look good for anyone but the wingnuts who want this guy to put on a robe and reverse Roe v. Wade. Take a listen:

MP3 File

The best part is the little spat at the very end. Not in the recording, is when Kennedy asks later to put a letter from Specter’s staff and his staff’s reply. After Specter threw the fit that he did not GET Kennedy’s December letter, this little moment was priceless!

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