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Kennedy Grills Alito on CAP

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From yesterday. Concerned Alumni of Princeton. The group the judge can’t remember much about. The line of questioning that Kennedy puts him on seems to speak to the nature of his stonewalling and his inability to come clean.

Have you ever put something on a resume that years later you can remember almost NOTHING about? The way I’m seeing it, it is one of two things really:

He signed on to CAP in order to pad his right-wing stats to get the Reagan job


He is lying about not being able to remember much about it

Either […]

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Veni Vedi Russo

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He came, he saw, he damn near conquered.

Like most I came in contact with Tim Russo via Before it became a serial book it was his political blog that later was moved to I found in Tim a unique voice. That is what I look for online – unique voices. Just having started getting motivated to blog on politics and to also work parallel in the real world on issues and campaigns that mattered to me, I found his experience and viewpoint enlightening and refreshing.

Like most, initially I did not agree with him all […]

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