Listening to a bit of the Alito confirmation hearings yesterday and today on Pipeline.

DeWine appears to be ready to prostrate to the man and rubber stamp Alito, and yesterday he gave a wonderful little anti-Roe soliloquy:

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The right will surely be proud. Might even put him back in the running for the Petro Award (most high prostration to wingnuttia). He makes what are becoming very bad and tired arguments that also appear to set Alito up for a justified overturning of Roe once he gets on the court. The first is that Roe is no Marbury…that it may be precedent, but not super, or even super-duper precedent. I expected any minute for Alito to respond, “Yeah, well I double dog dare ya”. To which DeWine would reply, “Say what? Well I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA.” …Go on smart ass and do it!

Second is that Plessey v. Ferguson was overturned after repeatedly being reaffirmed in what might be called the U.S. racial dark ages. I would venture to argue that just as Mike claims Roe is no Marbury, Roe is certainly no Plessey. I would remind him that Roe asserts rights of individual women. Plessey resisted rights of individual blacks. Big difference there, mate.

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