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Durbin Questions Alito on Roe

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Again today listening in a bit via Pipeline while working. Right off the bat Senator Durbin gets into Alito and grills him on Griswald, privacy, and Roe. Again, these hearings more and more seem to be setting up Alito to be the taskmaster of the right in overturning Roe v. Wade. Alito absolutely would not answer directly the question of whether or not Roe was the settled law of the land (he did a Clintonesque what’s the meaning of settled routine). Roberts did as much, but not Alito. Maybe they’ve found their man.

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He is […]

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Listening to a bit of the Alito confirmation hearings yesterday and today on Pipeline.

DeWine appears to be ready to prostrate to the man and rubber stamp Alito, and yesterday he gave a wonderful little anti-Roe soliloquy:

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The right will surely be proud. Might even put him back in the running for the Petro Award (most high prostration to wingnuttia). He makes what are becoming very bad and tired arguments that also appear to set Alito […]

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