This was almost inevitable after the blowup at the ODP Holiday Party. Now what would have been the best way to handle such a thing? Show up for what is becoming standard practice for Ohio politicians: Sit down with Meet The Bloggers. Maybe that would have been surrenduring in Sherrod’s eyes. They cancelled. The excuse given is of course due to Tim Russo being there. BFD! (Sorry George, but that does stand for something else).

Here is audio of the voicemail that George posted…see what you think:

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Fellow bloggers are mostly saying that this is a blown opportunity and I have to agree strongly. I will go one further and say that this is also pathetic and stupid, reinforcing comments made to me previous that the Brown campaign was being run by rank amateurs. This move is complete bullshit and hopefully will resonate across the national blogosphere and even get some coverage in traditional media. But hey, at least he still has a table for one.

And now we have Buckeye Poltics suddenly down…can’t help but to think that the two are related. Stay tuned.

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  • I’ve been checkin all this out since I got home from work tonight. None of this makes any sense to me.

    Has the MSM reported on any of Brown’s “stumbles”? Perhaps the plagiarism issue, but that was only a brief mention.

    To my eyes there has just been one stumble after faux-paux after crisis after mistake; on and on – almost every other day, it seems – but I READ BLOGS, so I’m aware of this. I bet my neighbor and/or my neighbor’s neighbor hasn’t a clue of anything about what happened at the ODP, or the blog ads, the multiple comment personalities or any other mis-cue coming out of the Brown camp.

    If Brown beats Hackett for the Democratic nod in May – that will be one hell of a statement about the blogosphere made on Browns part – in the grand scheme of things is he attempting to show us as being irrelevant?

    If “60 Minutes” were to expose that Brown backed out of MTB, that would be one thing, but I don’t think that’ll happen. We here in this cyber place are the only ones who know of most of this stuff. The national blogs pick this up-but most of their readers don’t vote in Ohio

    If Brown can win, when all of us here know he’s doing this, what does that say about us?

    Is that the only thing that makes this make any sense?

    Or am I just up too late?

  • I’m disappointed but not surprised in the least. Scott’s comment above is interesting–what will be the fallout, if any, from all this? I guess we’ll find out in May.

  • The primary fallout is that online appeals for cash once the primary is over will be much less successful if he wins the primary. The blogs raised half a million for Hackett very quickly. They could have been a real help defeating DeWine if they had been show some respect. The fighting has helped slow down Hackett’s online fundraising for now because of all the dissonance, but if he wins, I expect things to go back to full force.

    Also, expect less passionate defense for Brown once the DeWine smear machine goes into full attack mode. Bloggers will be fighting many fights on many fronts in Ohio. They will focus on the ones that they feel passionately about. DeWine has never inspired that much animosity, so most I bet will focus on lightening rods like Ken Blackwell. How much effect this will have on the general election is hard to say. In the 2nd we’ve been pretty good about getting our work to spill over into the main stream media.

    Blogs are a front on the political battlefield. They will be a weak one for Sherrod Brown. Hopefully his contacts in the regular press can make up for it.

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