How ironic and hilarious is it that in the wake of refusing to sit down with multiple OHIO bloggers, Sherrod Brown is being featured in a “table for one” on an NYC blog? I love it! His latest installment talks about the culture of corruption. Swell.

One little tidbit:

Hold us all accountable. Insist on specifics. Demand to be heard. Continue to remind politicians and political candidates that we work for you.

Yeah, Sherrod. We did that…and you politely declined. Bravo!

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  • Great commentary Eric.

    Very interesting that Sherrod is more than willing to speak to a national audience, rather than an audience of constituents and folks that could actually vote for him. Money must be more important than votes at this point in the campaign.

    Perhaps his aim was to neutralize the Ohio blogosphere, rather than the blogosphere as a whole.

  • Eric

    Maybe they thought it would take the heat off of their blundering. As far as I can tell, the heat is being turned up. I know I won’t let up any.

  • Americain

    This is the dumbest thing he could have done. If he ducks the easiest questions from Democrats how will he fare when the GOP comes at him in full attack mode? What this tells me is that he’s a person who would rather avoid confronting issues when it’s just the opposite kind of person that we need in the Senate. At least Hackett isn’t afraid to take the tough questions. This says a lot about the character question.

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