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Brown Prefers To Talk AT Us

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How ironic and hilarious is it that in the wake of refusing to sit down with multiple OHIO bloggers, Sherrod Brown is being featured in a “table for one” on an NYC blog? I love it! His latest installment talks about the culture of corruption. Swell.

One little tidbit:

Hold us all accountable. Insist on specifics. Demand to be heard. Continue to remind politicians and political candidates that we work for you.

Yeah, Sherrod. We did that…and you politely declined. Bravo!

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This was almost inevitable after the blowup at the ODP Holiday Party. Now what would have been the best way to handle such a thing? Show up for what is becoming standard practice for Ohio politicians: Sit down with Meet The Bloggers. Maybe that would have been surrenduring in Sherrod’s eyes. They cancelled. The excuse given is of course due to Tim Russo being there. BFD! (Sorry George, but that does stand for something else).

Here is audio of the voicemail that George posted…see what you think:

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