All good stuff really. The test will be implementation and actual rubber-meets-the-road type accomplishment. Is there a plan in place to pass this down into the counties and make it happen? Will Dems rally around this and make it happen? I personally want to see details, targets, methods to measure success versus failure, and so on. To often this stuff just ends up as rhetoric. It’s up to each of us locally to commit to making such things become reality.

Get involved in what is happening where you are locally. Watch to see that goals are measured and talked about in a way that leads to the metrics improving. Ensure there ARE metrics. Hold those in leadership positions accountable to the metrics!

Others commenting: OH02, UAPA

Editor@ in particular appears to agree with my metrics argument in saying:

One thing that I would like to hear Democrats talking about both in Ohio and nationally is for the Party to tie leadership positions to results. Police their own. Treat the Party like any other business. Don?t be afraid to say YOUR FIRED. Create benchmarks for leadership roles and demand results. Don?t let people get entrenched in their jobs. If they aren?t moving forward than they need to be replaced.

Editor has some good comments on the form that is available at the end of the vision statement. I would just add that after filling this out I was led to a page that just said “Nothing to Display”. I have no idea if my information (including comments and questions) ever got to where it was supposed to go!

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