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First and foremost, it is surely unfortunate and sad that Carson went out like he did. In no way can you call it a cheap shot though, it’s football. The cheap shot was Marvin Lewis calling Roethlisberger a cry baby. You can make the Palmer excuse all you want Bengals fans, but remember your team sans Carson had us down 17-7 early and could not hold on.

Think about that the next time you shine your shoes with a Terrible Towel. Maybe you should use a Growl Towel next time…posers.

I’m also sick to death of such “reporting”:

Von Oelhoffen’s unintentionally firm tug on quarterback Carson Palmer’s left knee during the Bengals’ second play of the game Sunday put Palmer out with a serious injury and affected the course of the Steelers’ 31-17 victory.

Bullshit. I’m not going to say the Palmer injury had no affect on the team, but getting the Steelers down to 17-7 happened all after he went out. We were down 3 at the half, made the better halftime adjustments and dominated the second half. If the AP can speculate that Palmer’s injury affected the course of the game, then I will speculate that had he still been in we would have made the better adjustments, pressured him, had great secondary coverage down field, and STILL won the game. How’s that for some journalism!

The good news for me is that maybe all the fairweather Who Dey folks will shelve the jerseys for another year or two. Those guys were annoying. Pass the torch in the AFC North my ass…

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  • I take it Eric, that you would be a Steelers Fan?
    How does a kid from Kentucky become a Steelers Fan?

    I do like that Roethlisberger guy though, good stuff he’s got.

    I’m a Browns fan, so I’ll just shut up now…

  • Eric

    Huge. Ginormous Steelers fan. Shakes out like this. Grew up south of Louisville. The Bengals were pretty close but stunk. My stepdad was from Allegheny County PA. Equals huge Steelers fan. Steelers stuff every year for Xmas from the Allegheny clan.

    In KY you can pretty much pick your team as we don’t have a pro football team. Mine has been the Steelers since age 4. If not for my dad, I would just be another totally hoops obsessed Kentucky kid. I’m still hoops obsessed but at least I have some kind of distraction.

    PS – I’m not at liberty to discuss hoops at this time. My inlaws are from Kansas and life is about to become brutal…

  • Angie

    I’m from Akron, OH and *I’m* a die-hard Steelers fan, too. 🙂 Of course I was a Browns fan growing up – can even remember betting against the Steelers in grade school – but then Cleveland let the team go bye-bye and I had to switch my allegiance. Who better than our biggest rival? And now I’ll never go back. I’m totally in love with the Black & Gold.

    Anyway, I found you because I was googling trying to find where Lewis called Big Ben a cry-baby. Them’s fightin’ words!

  • Brenda

    It was on the Steeler site or the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s site. I believe I saw it Sunday so if you look at old articles you should find it. I want the We Dey clip so I can play it over and over. That’s how I found this site.

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