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Jill is following this, and so am I:

Opponents to the state’s 3-year-old guidelines– met Sunday night to discuss the issue. The meeting comes after a federal judge in Pennsylvania outlawed instruction of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution there.

Critics say the wording of Ohio’s standards could take the science out of science class.

“Those of us that oppose the adoption feel that it is introducing faith based concepts in a science class where students are supposed to be learning to use the scientific method of inquiry to undercover new knowledge,? said Rob Hovis […]

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The traditional media is trying very hard, either from great RNC pressure or just poor reporting, to lump the Dems in with the corruption that is plaguing the Republican Party. Most notably now trying to push the false notion that Dems accepted money from Fashion Jack as well. Dean’s not having it:

(hat tip UAPA and C&L)

The best part is the few seconds of silence, then the sigh, then the look on Blitzer’s face. Dean absolutely destroyed him in this clip! Good work Howard!

Update: Live From Dayton has an Abramoff-Ohio Money List.

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All good stuff really. The test will be implementation and actual rubber-meets-the-road type accomplishment. Is there a plan in place to pass this down into the counties and make it happen? Will Dems rally around this and make it happen? I personally want to see details, targets, methods to measure success versus failure, and so on. To often this stuff just ends up as rhetoric. It’s up to each of us locally to commit to making such things become reality.

Get involved in what is happening where you are locally. Watch to see that goals are measured and […]

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I Can’t Help It: WE DEY!

On January 9, 2006 By

This must be posted:

First and foremost, it is surely unfortunate and sad that Carson went out like he did. In no way can you call it a cheap shot though, it’s football. The cheap shot was Marvin Lewis calling Roethlisberger a cry baby. You can make the Palmer excuse all you want Bengals fans, but remember your team sans Carson had us down 17-7 early and could not hold on.

Think about that the next time you shine your shoes with a Terrible Towel. Maybe you should use a Growl Towel next time…posers.

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