There Editor, I did it (hat tip).


The White House is dispatching Vice President Dick Cheney to raise money for embattled Republican Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, who has voted against President Bush on key legislative issues.

Cheney will address a $1,000-a-ticket Capitol Hill Club reception on Jan. 26 that is intended to raise $100,000 for DeWine’s campaign for a third term. DeWine most recently opposed Bush and Senate Republican leaders on the budget bill and on drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Invitations to the fund-raiser have been mailed to major Bush contributors.

With Republican control of the Senate at stake, DeWine faces potential difficulty for re-election. Democratic candidates include Rep. Sherrod Brown and Iraq War veteran Paul Hackett, who last year ran a close race in a heavily Republican congressional district.

It’s too important to leave him dangling in the wind and they know it. Someone is skeered i tell ya! Skeered.