The WaPo has a good piece about Abramoff and his gangsta style (hat tip Tim at BP):

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff has had a full-blown aesthetic meltdown. He has leapt into an abyss of ill-fitting coats, mobster flourishes and Peter Pan headgear.

Jack must have received the memo on the idiotic gangster look. Here are the many faces of fashion Jack:

Gangsta AbramoffAbramoff Sporty Spice
(his ass went from Al Capone to Andre Agassi in like 18 hours!)

PS: I do like Tim’s idea about using Fedora’s like college republicans used flip flops. It’s a culture of corruption, see? Yeah, that’s it kid, a culture of corruption…and there ain’t a darn thing you can do about it kid!

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  • M MC

    This man is going to jail do you really think he cares about what he has on!!

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  • For a different, and to this Jew an importantly differently perspective on Abramoff’s attire, please read

    It’s worth skipping through the free pass stuff, but I’ll gladly forward it to you too via email if you prefer.

  • Eric

    Thanks Jill for that very different perspective. I do believe Jack set himself apart with his attire, not to mention his actions! I might also add that Abramoff and not those criticizing him is the real Chillul Hashem.

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