James Risen, co-author of the NYT article exposing illegal wiretapping on U.S. citizens has a new book out about that and other damning revelations about Bushco and the Iraq war. He is seen here on NBC’s Today Show:

(hat tip C&L)

Risen makes a few key points (also highlighted at Crooks and Liars):

  • 12 or more officials blew the whistle on this, all described as being “motivated by the purest of reasons”
  • Bush may have suggested that pain medication be withheld from detainees, beginning the slippery slope to Abu Ghraib
  • Before the war, intelligence gathered by Iraqi-Americans sent to find out about WMDs was ignored – the administration sent them
  • Foreign policy was radicalized at the hands of Rumsfeld, Tenet, Cheney, Rice and a few others who would not allow career professionals in the State Department to participate.

Foreign policy radicalized? PNAC anyone? It is a matter of national security to remove these dangerous people from any leadership role in this country post-haste.

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