Well, Jack appears to be going down (Toledo Blade), and it appears he is willing to take others with him. He might be in the clear politically, though, as he asked for forgiveness from the Almighty – which is sure to score some points with the wingnuts.

Ney plays stupid:

In a statement today, Ney said, ?At the time I dealt with Jack Abramoff, I obviously did not know, and had no way of knowing, the self-serving and fraudulent nature of Abramoff?s activities.?

Of course the spin from the right is that Abramoff is this singular guy who fucked up and this in no way indicates there is widespread corruption among the only party that received money from him. The good news is that our side seems to have taken over the frame and we have media types (Chris Matthews) using the term “culture of corruption” which the Republicans will have to defend – and most likely also use.

And of course also the good news is watching how much Jack sings and what impact that has and on how many – up to 20 it has been reported. Should be fun to watch them squirm…who will wiggle out first?

Think Progress has a great Abramoff rundown which will give you a feel for how big this might get.

I like that the CoC frame appears to be sticking…and it needs to be used at every opportunity!

Update: Alice Fisher says she’ll pursue the investigation wherever it goes, but something makes me doubt that. (hat tip FDL)

Washinton Post fleshes out some as well, including DeLay and Ney.

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