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Sherrod Itches His Cold Sore

On December 19, 2005 By

…and I’m glad to see it actually. This is the kind of stuff I’ve been bitching about since the Blogad buy that he should be doing instead of buying ads – actually participate in the medium. Kudos for that step.

The post is at Huffington Post and is titled “Why I’m a Progressive“:

Sometimes ? in politics and in life ? we have to choose sides. We have to draw a clear line between what’s right and what’s wrong. Between what works for the people of our great nation and what works for only the privileged few.

The […]

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Blackwell Lifts Libertarian Theme

On December 18, 2005 By

(from an email):

In a new twist, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell has distributed emails to his supporters using Libertarian candidate Bill Peirce’s campaign theme, “Freedom to Prosper”.

Check out Bill Pierce’s website to see for yourself. I thought it was the Dems standing around with no message? I guess the Blackwell folks are not content to stand around so they went out and stole a message.

Recent emails from Blackwell’s campaign team notes, “I believe that government should give people the freedom to prosper.” and continues to say “Ken Blackwell believes that no government has taxed their […]

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This post by Ron Copfer got me thinking of something that happened around our dinner table recently. We were watching the news as dinnertime wound down and there was a story about the new wall being built between the U.S. and Mexico. After my wife and I discussed it for a bit we turned to Emma, our youngest who is 5, and asked her what she thought. Her answer:

We should just tell them to get their blankies and their bears and come over

How and when did we lose such innocence?

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UAW Endorses Hackett, Brown Responds

On December 16, 2005 By

Update: (from The United Auto Workers said its 17 area councils and 10 at-large representatives had voted 26-1 for Hackett)

We’ve been hearing about this for awhile, but it goes official now. Ohio UAW is behind Hackett. This is surely a blow to the Brown campaign, thought how big electorally it remains to be seen given the weakened power of unions:

States Largest Union Comes Out Strong for Iraq War Veteran

Columbus, OH – Paul Hackett, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, today received the endorsement of the United Auto Workers. The UAW is Ohio’s largest union with more […]

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To Win or Not to Win

On December 16, 2005 By

Editor@OH2 has a post up about Mean Jean responding to Dean. Mean Jean Responds to Dean…poetry – hot damn! Sorry, punchy for being on vacation for TWO FREAKIN WEEKS. My only two weeks of the year. So, anyway, The Schmidtster says shame on Howard. But Editor points out that our own Prez has stated we can’t win a GWOT anyway. Just to refresh the memory:

Now sure, he’s talking and an endpoint to global terror and she the Iraq war, but according to George Iraq is the key battle in said war…one he says we cannot win. So […]

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Filibuster 1 – Cloture 0

On December 16, 2005 By

The Senate voted down cloture 52-47 in a critical vote to limit the debate on the reauthorization of the Patriot Act (CNN WaPo).

Did the NSA news weaken the case and erode support for cloture?

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Sir, Can I Take That One?

On December 16, 2005 By

Thank you, sir.

A question was asked over at BFD and I have the time (just began my vacation!) and the inclination to answer it…more fully than in my driveby comment. Question is: “Oh Critics of the war in Iraq, where are you now?”

Right here, Jonathan. All over the place. Just because there is a purple finger syndrome doesn’t mean we’re all Joe Lieberman now. You can count me as a critic of the war who did not evaporate after a seemingly successful Iraqi election. The […]

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Novak Leaving CNN at Year’s End

On December 16, 2005 By

Update: Novak to Fox – duh! Nothing to do with political views though…oh no!

“Novak said the switch to Fox had nothing to do with finding a more comfortable home for his views.”

“I don’t think that’s a factor,” Novak said. “In 25 years I was never censored by CNN and I said some fairly outrageous things and some very conservative things. I don’t want to give the impression that they were muzzling me and I had to go to a place that wouldn’t muzzle me.”

via Media Matters:

After 25 years of serving as a CNN commentator and […]

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An upcoming editorial in The Nation talks about different Iraq War stances as it relates to different races coming up in 2006. “The War and the Elections” mentions the Ohio Senate race:

In Ohio a leading backer of the Woolsey amendment, Representative Sherrod Brown, has entered the Senate primary race against Paul Hackett, the Iraq War veteran who was bluntly critical of Bush’s handling of the war during a losing race this past summer for an open House seat. In his House race Hackett surprised many fans of his anti-Bush remarks by opposing a timeline for withdrawal, and he […]

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Carville Behind Hackett?

On December 15, 2005 By

Tim has a piece up over at Buckeye Politics on a Roll Call article about the Ohio Senate Democratic Primary. The whole article is in the comments (not sure if I’m down with that). A few nuggets:

While he indicated his preference is to stay out of the primary – leaving it up to Ohio Democrats to decide – Carville said he looked forward to campaigning for Hackett in next year?s general election against Sen. Mike DeWine (R).

Sounds like backing to me. Sure he is officially neutral, but to say he looks forward to campaigning in the general […]

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We Tortured an Elf

On December 15, 2005 By

How do you slam the WOC (War on Christmas) and GWOT (Global War on Terror) Iraq War at the same time? With a very healthy dose of sarcasm. I’m a very big fan of sarcasm, but I must say Sam uses it like a Republican strategist uses obfuscation:

(hat tip C&L)

Breaking News: DeWine joins insurgency in the WOC (hat tip BP)

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