Well folks, it’s the time of year that we look back and begin to assess the past year’s activities and accomplishments. Wrap up the 365 day journey that was 2005 and put a nice bow on it for remembrance sake. I can’t quite do that here as only 3 months of the year was spent plunderbunding, but I can wrap up what was.

I began Plunderbund firstly because I wanted to blog and have wanted to for some time. I also wanted to inject my line of thinking into the political blogosphere. More than that, though, I sought to add something that might begin to be of value to those Dems and Progressives in Delaware County – a small lot. A kind of common ground meeting place or at least a place where I could inform others of opportunities to get involved locally.

This site has been that and more for me. Over the short course of 3 months I’ve met many online with blogs and others who visit and comment at them. I’ve found those I’ll now call friends. I want to send out great holiday cheer to those and let everyone also know that I find great inspiration in all of you. I hope to continue plunderbunding in the coming year and for years to come. Thanks for all who have made it really fun and worthwhile up to now. Have a safe and happy holiday season celebrating whatever it is you celebrate. At our house we celebrate peace and love, and I’d like to send some of that in all your directions.

I have plans for 2006 that include some things that may prove too daunting, but we’ll see. Details later.

Peace and Love,


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