Update: I’m hearing there may be more to this story, but until I hear it officially won’t comment on the Brown side of things. Meanwhile, Russell has his take.

OK, I promise not to use the cold sore thing again – I’ve officially worn that one out. No mention of Blogger Balm either. You might remember I recently applauded Sherrod’s effort to get engaged in the blogosphere. The Huffington post piece was cool and all, but what I really want to see – and what I deem crucial for him – is to engage Ohio bloggers in a way that I have not seen yet.

Engage yes. This? No. I will try to get the other side from the Brown folks today, but if this did happen it is not smart. I can fully understand wanting to dress down Tim (and some others for that matter), but I can’t see how it helps. They had to know that the word would spread – duh, it’s a blogger afterall!

So in disagreement to most commentors over at BP, I say STAY on the blogs Sherrod. Comment, engage, argue, show us you are a regular guy who has fought for us all your entire career, pursuade us. You had the time to call one two of us on the carpet, so don’t use that excuse again. Give up some of the control, sign up for that Dealing with Bloggers 101 course when Jill finalizes the curriculum. It’ll be worth it. Meet the Bloggers should be fun. Get your tickets early!

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