via email from Phil de Vellis:

Anyone who has met Sherrod knows that he deals with confrontation
well. As a congressman and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, people confront him with questions, accusations and complaints every day. Even when he strongly disagrees with somoene, he remains respectful and would never blow up at a blogger or anyone else in that type of situation.

I went to the ODP Christmas party last night with several of my colleagues from the campaign. What we saw did not mesh with the story as described on Buckeye Politics and Buckeye Senate.

To be quite blunt — it simply did not happen the way it has been portrayed today. It’s a shame that an entire day’s blogging has been wasted on a story that simply is untrue. Connie and Sherrod stood a barrage of curse words and hostile language quite calmly — albeit with confused looks on their faces. The details of what was said simply are not worth printing. And the only manhandling going on was an agressive woman who either wanted a few choice words with Sherrod, or liked his coat an awful lot and wanted to keep some of it for herself.

The point here is that none of this is going to help Ohio move in the right direction. We should expect the same of ourselves as we do our elected representatives. Honest, open communication based on the facts and with progressive values in mind.

Sherrod has every intention to do Meet the Bloggers and talk about the issues with whoever will listen.

There’s been a lot of tough love in this primary between Democrats so far. I think that’s a good thing for the most. But let’s keep everything in perspective and beat the GOP 2006.

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  • Hmm, I emailed Philip too, but didn’t hear back.

    Regardless, we have significantly differing opinions/perceptions, as if they don’t refer to the same instances.

    Is Phil calling Russo out for cussing at Sherrod? Or is he just ignoring the Russo incident altogether?

  • Pounder

    Flat out lied to you buddy.

  • Eric

    I don’t pretend to know what happened and am more pissed now that I didn’t make it – mostly to get the chance to meet you all. I guess the noise got so loud and the phones kept ringing so they wanted to get a reply out. I’ll leave it to those who were there to battle it out…just a messenger here. 😉

  • yeah, i fucking cursed. anyone who knows me knows i like the word fuck. Bob Geldoff calls it the most effective locution in the english language. sorry if it FUCKING ANNOYS YOU, MS. FUCKING PULITZER. i wasn’t the one sherrod pulled over to yell and scream at someone. that would be you.

    by the fucking way, that’s the last fucking time i give phil devellis a fucking heads up on the fucking moronic behavior of his fucking candidate.

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  • Todd Hoffman

    Damn, why did I have to leave early? I guessed I missed all of the real drama…

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  • I don’t have anything to contribute to affirming or disputing what happened at the event.

    I have helped Sherrod in the past, and have no complaint about his voting record, but this time he should stand down:

    1. It’s my impression that he lacks the temperament a Senate candidate needs. One small but very personal example: he once stood me up for a promised event, resulting in embarrassment for me. He never provided any explanation or apology.

    2. The Ohio state party has been losing elections for many years, despite having advantages many states would love to have. John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum could not have left the state with a better impression of the Democratic Party. Their successors have frittered away that image. Sherrod has been part of the decay. Paul Hackett can restore the image of the Democratic Party as a party of heroes of the stature of John Glenn.

    3. Ohio is deeply corrupt. While the high profile cases are Republican, it’s likely that people who call themselves Democrats (but not Sherrod) are also involved. The Democratic Party regulars need a firm kick in the pants, and Hackett’s candidacy looks like an excellent means to administer it.

    4. Sherrod can claim many things, but he cannot claim to have stood on the floor of the United States Senate in January 2001 to protest the installation of the man who has caused so much harm to America. I believe he was also missing in action in 2004. A search of the Conyers Report on Ohio finds zero mentions of him.

    In short, Sherrod Brown is not a bad man. He’s basically a good man. But he is not the man for this job.

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