via email from Phil de Vellis:

Anyone who has met Sherrod knows that he deals with confrontation
well. As a congressman and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, people confront him with questions, accusations and complaints every day. Even when he strongly disagrees with somoene, he remains respectful and would never blow up at a blogger or anyone else in that type of situation.

I went to the ODP Christmas party last night with several of my colleagues from the campaign. What we saw did not mesh with the story as described on Buckeye Politics and Buckeye Senate.

To be quite blunt — it simply did not happen the way it has been portrayed today. It’s a shame that an entire day’s blogging has been wasted on a story that simply is untrue. Connie and Sherrod stood a barrage of curse words and hostile language quite calmly — albeit with confused looks on their faces. The details of what was said simply are not worth printing. And the only manhandling going on was an agressive woman who either wanted a few choice words with Sherrod, or liked his coat an awful lot and wanted to keep some of it for herself.

The point here is that none of this is going to help Ohio move in the right direction. We should expect the same of ourselves as we do our elected representatives. Honest, open communication based on the facts and with progressive values in mind.

Sherrod has every intention to do Meet the Bloggers and talk about the issues with whoever will listen.

There’s been a lot of tough love in this primary between Democrats so far. I think that’s a good thing for the most. But let’s keep everything in perspective and beat the GOP 2006.

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